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    Sapphiron - strategy
    RagnarДата: Понедельник, 02.02.2009, 03:29 | Сообщение # 1
    Sergeant Major
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    Sapphiron hits considerably harder than the other bosses in Naxxramas (with the exception of patchwerk's hateful strike) and also deal a fair amount of raid damage, he is a very healing extensive fights and you might want to bring an extra healer or 2 on your first few attempt. You need 1 solid tank.

    Frost Resist beyond the one offered by totem and aura is not necessary, in fact, gearing up in full frost resist gear can be considered armful due to the lowering of dps, mitigation and healing it will cause.

    Phase 1

    Phase 1 is actually a pretty standard dragon encounter, it should come as nothing new to long time raider. Sapphiron should be tanked in the middle of the room, facing the entrance. Special care need to be taken to avoid Cleave and Tail Swipe, this mean making a wide circle around him to get in position if you are melee dps.

    Due to his aura, Sapphiron requires constant raid healing. It is advised to split the raid into two group - Melee and Ranged/Healer and have them stand on each side of Sapphiron, that way you can easily assign your AE healers to keeping their group (and themselves) up. Make sure to have decursers on each side, as the Drain Life curse must be removed as soon as possible.

    Chill adds a level of complexity here, because it will tend to gather close to your raiders and they will need to move away. Standing in the chill and outhealing it is not an option. Be careful not to move into a Cleave or a Tail Swipe. It's important to note here that Sapphiron's hit box is huge, it's quite possible for melee dps to be dpsing Sapphiron despite a chill being in between them and the boss. The healers on the main tank need to be vocal if a chill is forcing them to move (and thus, preventing them from healing the tank) so other healers can cover for them, as Sapphiron hits hard enough that you cannot afford to have the tank not receive healing even for a short period of time.

    Every 45 seconds, Sapphiron takes flight, and Phase 2 begins.

    Phase 2

    While in Mid-Air, Sapphiron creates a down draft right underneath him, which will push you away. Despite that, you can still dps him if you're close enough, although you probably don't want to. Shortly after taking flight, Sapphiron will use his Ice Bolt 3 times. The raid needs to move back toward the entrance, and spread out so that as little people as possible get hit by the splash damage. Once all 3 Ice Bolt have hit, you'll have 3 players turned into Ice Blocks. Sapphiron will then use Frost Breath, and you will have 7 seconds to get behind an Ice Block. If you are not behind an iceblock, you're pretty much dead.

    Chill persists throughout Phase 2, it is quite possible for a Chill to be right on top of an iceblock. Unless you have some heavy healing ready, it's usually better to pick another block in that case.

    Do note that if the iceblock is too close to Sapphiron, it might fail to protect you. Also, if standing behind the iceblock means you're standing on the grate around the room, you will usually not be protected. As a general rule, you want to be on the 'blue floor' during the entire encounter.

    After the Frost Breath, Sapphiron will land and re-start phase 1. This is not an aggro wipe, the tanks need to move back into position as soon as the phase end.

    Phase 3

    Not so much a 'phase', but at 10% health, Sapphiron will not take flight anymore, essentially getting locked into phase 1. Usually getting to this point means you've won.

    10 man specific

    While the basic strategy remain the same, there will be less Chill used and Sapphiron will only use 2 Ice Bolt instead of 3. The fight is also much less forgiving, as losing 1 or 2 raider to mistakes (like getting cleaved, not hiding behind an ice block in time, etc) will usually meana wipe.

    Добавлено (02.02.2009, 03:29)
    Всего есть 5 уровней резизтов.

    0 - 82 = 0%
    83 - 165 = 15%
    166 - 248 = 30%
    249 - 331 = 45%
    332 - 414 = 60%
    415 = 75% max

    Сет с frost resist:
    Chest = 115
    Belt = 86
    Boots = 86

    Aura = 130
    Total = 417 = 75% max resist

    + Frostguard ring - 68

    Если все у всех будет фрост резист 415+ Sapphiron будет больше не страшен.

    Сообщение отредактировал Ragnar - Воскресенье, 01.02.2009, 08:37
    Дата: Понедельник, 02.02.2009, 13:13 | Сообщение # 2 от Администатора
    Grand Marshal
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    Ну что же, обзаведусь этим сетом тогда. На тряпичный сет нужны следующие матсы:

    7-eternal fire
    7-eternal water
    7-eternium thread
    3-frozen orbs
    14-imbued bolt of frostweave(210 frostweave cloth and 28 infinite dust)

    Сэтик будет из 3-ёх частей - Glacial Robe, Glacial Slippers, Glacial Waistband

    Даст 286 фрост резиста и 130 нам даст паладин = 416. Эксперты говорят, что для этого босса надо 415 резиста. Если этот босс складывается только при условии максимальной фрост защиты - то я в очередной раз сниму шляпу перед близардами, ибо всякие такие плюшки делают игру интереснее smile

    П.С. Аналогичные сеты имеют классы носящие другие виды брони. Это Polar сет из кожи, Icy scale из кольчуг и Icebane из доспехов.

    Мой лок
    alfalexДата: Понедельник, 02.02.2009, 13:29 | Сообщение # 3
    Sergeant Major
    Группа: Проверенные
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    Мы его вчера "сложили" и без фрост сета, чего нам не хватало да хз, то вспышка удавит несколько человек, то клив, то "лед с неба" (хотя от него вроде научились бегать), проблема в основном в ауре которая не кисло АОЕ тикает, и хилеры отвлекшись на перебегания не всегда успевают держать фулл ХП на рейде, да и рейд частенько разбегается и приходится бежать к мемберу чтобы его по хилить или снять курс (хорошо что руку при хиле жать не обязательно (с)).
    Но фрос сет себе сделаю на этой неделе... cool
    Форум New Legion » PvE прогресс » Naxxaramas » Sapphiron - strategy
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