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    Форум New Legion » PvE прогресс » World bosses » Sartharion +1D strategy [Архив]
    Sartharion +1D strategy [Архив]
    RagnarДата: Среда, 04.03.2009, 21:39 | Сообщение # 1
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    The one in the back is the easiest. Its best to tank Sarth way over on the side of the island that is closest to the zone entrance. When the fire comes from the right (center opening) the tank can move into the lava toward the zone entrance and avoid it.

    The drake will land about 30 seconds into the fight on the far side of the island (away from the zone entrance). It should be tanked where sarth usually stands with the tank avoiding the fire walls just like you normally avoid sarth fire walls. DO NOT enter the portal. Just OT the adds when they spawn and AE them down. DPS the drake first. AVOID THE PURPLE CIRCLES OF DEATH. It should only take your 2 waves of adds to get the drake down. Then the boss works like normal.

    Put two healers on the MT. The rest of the healers will focus on the raid and the drake tank.
    Форум New Legion » PvE прогресс » World bosses » Sartharion +1D strategy [Архив]
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